Solar design for Eugene and Elena

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Just a regular apartment for a family with a child but it is not how we perceive it!


To create light apartment for the young family


Moscow, Russia


760 sq. ft.

Project started and ended

12/02/2015 – 05/18/2016


Dima Prasolov,
Nick Diakonov

Design project

4,400 $


41,800 $


Colors always help me bringing the light into spaces!

Dima, a designer

Design of this apartment is performed in light colors. It suits best for the dining room. Light-beige fills the kitchen-dining room with a natural insolation. Mirror on the wall visually extends the space. The kitchen backsplash made of light volumable brick-type tile.


Don't close your eyes in the sun!

Dima, a designer

The corridor performed in the warm peach color thus demonstrating the whole decor of the apartment. Its interior is quite moderate - the main element is the mirror which reminds the sun disk.

Please step into the bedroom! Its design slightly differs from the main course. A prevailing light-blue color combines here with the mirror surface decor and the light wood on the floor. Soft back of the bed expresses the coziness and a comfort that are so necessary in the bedroom.


Mary adore all the stuff in this room, it is perfect!

Elena, a customer

The nicest room of the apartment is of course - the children room. We aimed to create a little fairy world - soft colors of the walls, illumination over the crib, decorative elements on the walls and wardrobe. It all creates the benign and fairy atmosphere.


Good to work with such a passionate and sensitive person!

Eugene and Elena, a customer

The bathroom and a toilet are implemented in the modern classical style - nothing exceptional - just all you need.

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