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I am an interior designer

I am an interior designer.

I specialize
in the design of apartments and offices.
Working in New York City.

My ridge — design apartments

I will create an interior that will meet all your requirements and needs whether it is a studio or multi-storey apartments or a suburban house.
I like to create coziness using small details: moldings, floorboard pattern, ornament on the walls and ceiling and so on. I create the interior, which won’t get tired over time, and which will bring relaxation and pleasure to its owners and guests.

But the range of my interest is much wider:

Work with a team

There are real professionals — architects, designers, engineers, conditioning spec., plumbers, electrician in my team — we know how to create a design project and to implement it.

Head the design company since 2008

Together with my team we designed trade and business centers, restaurants, bars and cafes, worked out the stores and industrial facilities. We are proud of having projects with the Russian celebrities: Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Vladimir Etush, Nikolay Drozdov and some other. Also we successfully work with such companies as Metro (cash and carry), Adidas, Reebok, Rockport and others.

Experienced in furnishing

The common problem, when a designer doesn’t know how to implement what he depicted. He doesn’t realize peculiarities and obstacles of the production process.
I am an architect by education (graduated from the State University of land design) and always find the common ground with engineers and designers of adjacent fields. I create design project always keeping in mind the implementation process and applicable materials.

Delve into a task before the process start

The customers are at risk of misunderstanding the taste of designer; that he won’t meet their wishes and needs.
To understand and confirm the wishes I compose the album of photos of different styles. Photos are the analog projects — how a bathroom, dining room, kitchen look in different colors, styles and furnishing. We define customer’s preferences and set up the technical task — it is how I get the idea and my solution to it. We discuss everything beforehand to create the interior the customer will enjoy.

Live in Moscow

I have been operating and developing my company in Moscow since 2008. We are not recognized much in NYC, but heading vigorously. I understand that something can stop you from working with me that’s why I placed here the answers on the questions already asked by NYC customers. In case of any questions arised please do not hesitate to make a phone call, write to WhatsApp or on e-mail presented here.

In case:

  • You rented an apartment and you dislike an interior — call me — I will help you with layout.
  • You would like to demonstrate pieces of your furniture or the interior attributes — I will make 3D models.
  • You would like to change your interior and rooms positions or to unite dining room with kitchen or to divide one room into two — I will make a design project.
  • Interior layout
    3D visualization
    Design project
Dima Prasolov